Treasure Trails: My treasure hunt around Fitzrovia

As a nice way to enjoy some time off, I planned a treasure hunt as a surprise for myself and my friend Miss G. I say planned....I actually just happened to own a Treasure Trails map, which is a walking treasure quest. You can get different maps, for different areas around London, and they are of different distances. This one was an estimated hour and covered 0.85 miles.


Here I am posing with our fabulous map, which is sadly more of a booklet rather than a map.

We decided that at question 10 (there are 20) we would stop for a wine break, but to be honest we would have been happy to keep going - we were having a lot of fun!

We found the wine made it slightly more tricky but more fun!

We both really enjoyed the afternoon, and were gutted when it was over! We wanted more clues to solve! Once you have completed the quest, you get to input your answer online, and get entered into a prize draw, but to be honest it is about the experience rather than the end result.

Having looked at their website they also do murder mystery treasure hunts and spy missions. I'm already looking to try another one!