Tiki Party at Kanaloa

A few days ago I headed out to Kanaloa, for a Tiki Party. 

The salon girls and me donned our best Tiki-Tastic inspired outfits, and headed out to the bar.

Rockalily Cuts gifted every table with discount vouchers, along with cupcakes, and a certain Made in Chelsea star was hosting the night.

I don't tend to go to proper bars/clubs very often, so it added to the sense of occasion when we were brought over two bottles of vodka for the table, along with a treasure chest of cocktail. The cocktail chest came streaming with dry ice, and the fabulous table staff poured liquid fire into it! It was a great experience!

 Tomorrow I turn 32, and isn't it crazy how time flies as you age? How much our perspective on the world changes in our 30s, compared to our 20s? In my 20s I thought my sense of self was pretty set; that I was who I would ever become. How wrong I was! 

My friends are all from my past, and I have learned to treasure them as a relative rarity; my oldest friends have known me nearly 20 years, and some about 10 years. When people have known and loved you for that length of time, they know your true essence; the nicer and worst parts. Their friendships remind us that we are worthy of committment, and sharing a journey (life's journey) always makes it more special.