#Thisgirlcan - a brilliant campaign for women

This Girl Can, is a new national campaign from Sport England, that celebrates and encourages active women; no matter your size, shape, age or fitness level.

They say that fear of judgement prevents many women from participating in sport or fitness activities, and they want to showcase all the kick arse women getting up, and showing what they can do (even when they do it badly!)

I pretty much adore the video - bravo to the team who created it

It even makes me want to leave the gym (my activity of choice) and get involved in a sport!

Being active, and getting fit makes everyone's lives better. We fight it, we settle into lethagy, we create excuses. Yet we all feel better after getting the heart pumping; our moods improve, our energy levels increase and we generally feel more kickarse. I've yet to meet someone who regrets getting more active and fitter.

To take part in a sport you don't need to be a certain size. You don't need to be 'fit', you don't need loads of money. I love this campaign.

Get your body moving. Not "normal life moving" but actual moving. Own it and see what it can do for you.