Things that make me irrationally angry - Not walking on the left

Things that make me irrationally angry - Part 1

My blog is a pretty positive place to be, I'm a believer in working hard to filter our thoughts and speech to change our experiences of the world. We find what we seek, and like attracts like. However, of course my brain isn't incapable of feeling that irrational rage that can sweep over us with little warning. I've decided to start a series of posts, sharing some of my 'seeing red' moments.

People who walk on the wrong side of the walkway or stairs in tube stations.

My local tube station has a very long walkway, which is divided into two with a long barrier. Both sides of the divider are quite narrow. It makes perfect and logical sense that one side is for incoming traffic, while the other for outgoing. Its a busy station, and 95% of the time, people grasp the concept. It keeps the walkway very functional and easy.

There are the few rogue walkers who walk on the wrong side. It makes my blood boil with irrational rage. Do they feel they are above social norms? Are they attention seekers who know they cause irrational rage, and secretly get off on it? Are they that stupid that they cannot see the logic in following a system to enable everyone to get where they need to be, with little fuss? Do they operate outside of the law?!

Ha, as I said, this is irrational anger. It shouldn't really bother me, but it just does! Walk on the left people!