Things that make me irrationally angry - Key Pad Tones

In my new blog series "Things that makeme irrationally angry" I've already shared my hatred of people Not walking on the left, and today's installment is:

People who do not turn off their key pad tones.

I have no clue why phones have key pad tones, who on earth decided that all of our smart phones should have a default setting of making a noise every single time we touch them. I mean, we touch our smart phones a lot. We create hours of written dialogue with them, we fill every resting moment with them, scrolling, swiping and typing.

I'm often sat on the train, biting my tongue, hearing someone's key pad tones while they write text after text. I itch to polietly offer to show them how to mute the crazily annoying beep beep beep. But I live in London and don't want to get stabbed ;-)

What I find almost as frustrating, I have no clue how the noises don't embarrass the phone owner. Do they really think it's socially acceptable to make all of that noise while in a public space? Does it not annoy them too?

I've stopped wearing headphones when I travel, as a way of connecting more to the real world around me, however I'm swiftly being reminded of the perks of shutting all the noise out - turn your keypad tones off people!