Things & Ink - are niche magazines the way forward?

Print magazines are struggling, with mainstream magazines like More, Zest and Company recently folding. However, head to a large WH Smiths, or Selfridges and you'll see that niche magazines are still holding their own.

Magazines that have a clear audience, and speak directly to their interests are capable of creating loyal and fabulous fans. Readers who go out of their way to buy each and every magazine; often keeping the issues on their shelves like a book, rather than throwing it away after a quick flick through.

I'm proud to have a regular column in Things&Ink, a rather delicious tattoo magazine, unlike any other tattoo magazine you've seen. Gone are the endless photos of tattoos, interspersed with the occasional semi-naked lady. Enter article, after article to read on a beautiful grade ofpaper, with topics including music, home, attitudes, events etc etc.

My column is pretty varied, and I love the challenge it gives me, to write in a slightly different format to my blog.

You can order issues of Things&Ink online , or check out the stockists (who includes Selfridges!).

Let me know if you give it a read!