Things & Ink, Ami James, and a yorkie tattoo

The magazine I write for is Things and Ink, an awesome new tattoo magazine, aimed more at the intelligent female tattoo fan, and issue two arrived today!

This issue is extra exciting, as not only do I have my column, but an interview with Ami James too!

My column is a teeny bit controversial perhaps for a tattoo magazine - the fact that I find relentless chat about tattoos rather dull. He he!

My interview 'When ReeRee met Ami' is at the back, and it was definitely a challenge to edit this down to one page - Ami has a lot to say!

And somewhat more may remember the awesome Mo visiting the salon, well in her feature in the magazine she says:

"I also have a yorkshire terrier <tattoo> to represent the amazing time I had at Rockalily vintage salon - they have a salon dog called Ellington - even there I was treated like royalty. I feel like it is a place that I just fit in, with my vintage styling and tattoos showing."

Mo got a yorkie tattoo!!! Flipping amazing.

Things and Ink is available to buy from the salon now.