The Women's March London 2017

I'd ummed and erred about going to the Women's March London all week. None of my friends could go, and I felt conflicted about my belief in the good a march could do.

I used twitter to explore my feelings a little more, and was filled with hope with the feedback about why marching was important, even if it didn't always feel like they acheived anything concrete. 

My final ephinany was that even when you're not sure what the perfect thing to do is, generally doing nothing is never the answer. I didn't want to be sat at home, watching a march, when I could be on it. I wanted to be able to answer the question, "What did you do when the world became a little darker?" with at least a shred of an answer more than, "Well I tweeted about it a lot."

So here I am. Loud and proud in my "Feminist as Fuck t-shirt, and personalised gold hoop earrings with Feminist across them. Marching. Deciding that taking some sort of action is important, when the world is becoming more scary for those with less power. The march had a general message of "less hate", but contained a mixed bag of issues and emotions; from sexual abuse/power, global warming, equaity, fairness, and protecting those less able to protect themselves. It was 100,000 people coming together in London to say that we're not ok with the wave of hate that has been bubbling into our mainstream consciousness. We may not have an ideal plan mapped out just yet, but we're not ok with it.  

What did the march achieve? Perhaps different things for different people. It was a PR stunt which gave a new media narrative to Trump's first day in office. It started conversations and discussions. It allowed bridges to be built across different political groups. It created a sense of "We can do this," which will no doubt ripple and grow. It forced the media to share some new voices. It gave a platform for people to channel some anger and fear into action. It allowed smaller groups to feel that their voice could be heard on a shared platform. And a tiny part of me hope that it gave Trump a few emotions too.