The week my new chapter begins

A disclaimer. I've had two hours sleep. Its 4am. I'm in a cold airport. I may not make the best of sense. But here I am. Sharing my life with the internet.


On Thursday evening I got the keys to my new flat. Don't get too excited; I rent, but after two years of sharing, I'm flying solo again. Which is brill. So I moved 80% of my belongings on Thursday night, and at 4:45am on Friday morning I awoke to get an taxi to an old school friend's wedding in the country. The wedding was in a large country manor type house, and I had a room upstairs. At about midnight I crawled into bed, for 2 hours of precious sleep, before I was up for my cab at 3am.

So here I am, cold and more tired than I've been in a very very long time in the airport. I guess I must still be a little drunk. I'm feeling a little odd. But excited. Because I'm off on holiday. This holiday is special for a couple of reasons. Firstly, although I haven't blogged about it yet, I'm newly single (I have shared on social media), and moving house and a holiday feel like a great start to a new chapter. Secondly, I'm off on my first (and perhaps only!) influencer holiday. My trip is being sponsored (paid for) by the Spanish Tourist Board in the UK, the tourist office of Menorca, and Traverse Events, as a fully disclosure. There is no directive, or requirement for what I post when I'm there, so no weird salesly messages coming your way! Just me, on an awesome experience, starting my new chapter. 

I've not been to Spain as an adult, it was a childhood holiday destination of mine, but I've oddly never considered it as a place to travel myself, perhaps it suffers from a bad reputation. I've been told Menorca is delightful, so I'm really looking forward to discovering what the island has to offer.

I'm travelling with a lot of travel bloggers, who no doubt will take tons of fabulous photos with professional cameras. But that's not really how I roll, so I'll be sharing some Spanish selfies with my camera phone. Lifestyle blogging for the win hey?

My breakup....I'm not really going to share too much on it really. It turns out we're just not right for each other. I'm sad, but breakups happen, and I know my next chapter will be glorious. Focusing on the future, all my tears are done. The wedding was a little odd, as we should have been there together, but the world just keeps turning doesn't it. So.....I'll be moving into my new flat, decorating it and settling in, right after my holiday in Menorca!