The Vintage Cosmetic Company : False Eyelashes

I was sent these super cute false lashes and eyelash curler from The Vintage Cosmetic Company to try.

I was all ready to try some this morning, but as I was reading the back, I noticed that it says

' Lashes Made From Human Hair'

I just don't think I want to wear them now! I know many people wear real hair extensions in their own hair, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. Even the 'ethically' sourced hair is usually 'Temple hair', which also doesn't sit comfortably with me. It is something I need to think a little bit more about I think!

The company themselves say they are a British Brand, but the products are made in Indonesia. I love the cute packaging, and the eyelash curler is fab. The spring mechanism makes it much less work than my old ones.

I may well run a little competition to give the lashes away! Watch this space!


ETA - Someone on twitter says that most false lashes are made from real hair - either animal or human. Gosh, I just presumed they would all be synthetic........???!