The trick to having styled hair every day

Over on Rockalily Cuts' facebook page we recieved this message this week:

You did my hair last Friday - top up, back in curls. The curls were brushed out on Saturday and have since been a plait, ponytail and a bun. The top however has survived: 1 x party, 6 x sleeps, 12 x dog walks, 1 x London to Scotland round trip, 2 x days at work, and a vintage car boot sale! Congrats; that's some massively impressive back combing! (Sadly, i think it's going to have to come out this morning!) 

It reminded me exactly why I love a great up do. If I have a hairstyle I'll always sleep in it, and often get 2 or 3 days out of it. Lucie at the salon wore a poodle do for 3 days recently too.

The trick to having nice looking hair is to style is better and less often!