The top 7 best things I'm glad I did (perhaps controversially)

1. Not having a baby. Please remember that this is my list, for me. Yes, it is perfectly reasonable that many women would list getting pregnant as the best thing they ever did, but for me, at my stage in life, I thank my lucky stars I haven't had a baby. If I had to choose between having a baby in my 20s, or not having one at all, for me I would pick the non-baby path. I'm glad I've lived the life I've lived so far, and having a baby would mean I wouldn't have been able to.

2. Washing my face with water. I used to use cotton wool and/or face wipes to 'wash' my face, but in the years I've stuck with Liz Earle, and washing off with actual water, my skin has never been happier. I wish someone had forced me into it earlier!

3. Travelling alone. I don't have itchy feet anymore, but when I was younger I did. I ached to be somewhere else, and actually just to BE someone else. I often went alone, and it was before we took a million pictures of everything, so I have experiences that only exist in my memory, with no photographic proof they ever happened! Going to a third world country alone, or backpacking on the greyhound bus at 2am alone definitely tests you in your 'selfness' more than anything else I have ever done. I didn't have twitter to connect me to people, and had to rely on just, you know, talking to people. I have no desire to do it again, but am so thankful I did it when I was younger. The experiences act has a great markers to reference against - if I survived that and had fun, I can be bold whenever else it matters.

4. Force myself to be a half glass full person. I was naturally a pessimist, and really worked hard to change this about myself. I'm now a half glass full person and life is definitely much better. If you look for goodness you find it, and if you look for negativity you'll find it too.

5. Get tattooed. Up until my mid twenties I didn't like tattoos, or have any aspirations of being tattooed. However, becoming a person with a lot of tattoos has rather oddly improved my life, and I love them for it. They made me view my body and myself in a different and more positive way, and they have brought me opportunities that wouldn't have come along otherwise.

6. Finally losing a little bit of weight. I am just sad it took so long to figure out, I lived on crap food, and felt rundown. I've recently worked on improving my diet, and eat well, as well as trying to get some exercise into my life. I know I'll never regret it.

7. Embrace the social aspect of the internet. I met my first boyfriend (actually my first three boyfriends) online when I was forteen-seventeen. The online world was new back then, and the dangerous side of it had yet to appear really....the first guys I spoke to at 14, I gave my home address so we could become penpals (my Dad suggested it!). Over the years some of my best pals have come from the internet, and most of my dating does too! I've been on meet ups, picnics, drinks, from twitter, forums and facebook. There are some awesome people out there who I wouldn't be able to meet any other way!

What are you most glad you did?