The things you learn working in a lingerie call centre

working in a call centre

A million moons ago, when I was 20 I worked in the offices of an online lingerie company (they're still going strong today). Bearing in mind this was 13 years ago, the online world was quite a different place. My job was to answer calls, answer emails and process orders, and I enjoyed it.

It was surprising how many callers just wanted advice, along the lines of, "What should I buy?", and I got quite skilled at taking men in particular through their order. It would often start with something like,

"I want to buy my girlfriend a bra."

"Great, did you have a certain style in mind?"


"Awesome, do you know her size?"

"Medium? Maybe average?"

"I'm sorry Sir, Bra sizes don't work like that. We need to establish her actual size."

"They're maybe a handful? Like an orange."

"Ok, Sir, would it be possible for you to check her bra drawer at all? We really can't guestimate size based on a fruit."

We also had a pin board with gems such as the lady who placed her boobs onto the piece of paper to draw around them (imagine a large M) so that we could tell her the bra size she needed.

The warehouse was across the road from the offices, and the poor team who had to deal with returns were full of less amusing tales.  Gross and messy tales.