The Staff Christmas Party - The Rockalily Cuts Bash

So Rockalily Cuts had it's first Christmas Party! We have been open about 7 months now, so it feels like a milestone of sorts!

We were off to have a game of bowling, a round of karaoke and some cheesy dancing - what else does a staff party need?!

Lucie spent the day proclaiming how terrible she was at bowling, so I'm sure it will come as no surprise that she went and won!

I came a respectable second ;-)

Then it was time for karaoke, and the girls seemed incapable of thinking of any songs, so I was in charge of the playlist.

My choices went down a treat though, so it's all good. We ranged from Dolly Parton, Ed Sheeran, Britney Spears, Calvin Harris and Rihanna to the more obvious Grease Megamix.

We had fun, danced till my legs hurt, and all got home safe and sound. A successful night all round I reckon!