The Social Network - Probably my one and only film review

Ask my friends, I don't watch films. More accurately it would be that I don't go to the cinema. Perhaps once every couple of years. However, when I heard about The Social Network, the film about Facebook, I knew I would have to go and see it. This was secured as a definite when I discovered Justin Timberlake was in it too!

It won't be a surprise to anyone who knows me (in real life or online) that I adore facebook. I was at university when you could only join facebook with a university email address. I joined, but don't remember using it that much. We were still in the world of Myspace. However, facebook crept up on us, and now I, like many, check it as soon as I get up, throughout the day (on my mobile) and at home after work.

I have used facebook (and Twitter) to meet new people, find employment and discover new interests. I find it fascinating that a guy, two years younger than me, invented something that transformed the lives of most people I know. 500 million people around the world use it.

So, the film. It certainly didn't disappoint. I hadn't expected it to be a comedy, but I laughed out loud more than I would usually do in any regular comedy. It had such a subtle and witty humour, and I'm sure I confused some of the people around me by laughing so much. But it was exactly my sort of humour, extremely well written; the dialogue was perfect.

Some of the cinematic effects were fantastic, I particulary enjoyed the scene in the club - the music in the cinema was so loud, it felt as if you were right there with them.

As I left the cinema, I wondered whether Mark Zuckerberg had made an official statement or comment about the film. It must be awfully strange to watch a film where you are the main star. I managed to find this article, from Mashable, and this one from IPcommunications, but neither give much detail, apart from the fact the clothing the actor wears to play Mark is spot on!

Business Insider shows a short parody film, imagining how the film would have been made, had it been directed by Mark Zuckerberg.

Although the film doesn't show Mark in the most positive of lights, I don't think it does any damage. I still find him an inspiring guy, and I am still struck by awe with the story of it all.

Now.....I wonder if the story of Twitter is as interesting.....