The smallest tattoo cover up of all time?

I have many tattoos (this is now an old  picture!) and I don't tend to think too much about whether I would change any of them. It must get exhausting hating tattoos that permanently cover your skin!

However, I stumbled across this picture which reminded me that I have 'fixed' one tattoo. I impulsively got this Mr Happy tattoo one Friday, on the same day as getting some small script on my wrist. I had figured I wasn't getting the best out of my minimum hours' charge with just the script, so I got Mr Happy too.

He looked random, but fine.....until I moved my hand. The skin near your wrist moves and stretches so much that tattoos there will stretch and move too. My Mr Happy looked warped as my hand moved. His cheek drooped (I used to say he'd suffered from a tattoo stroke). Within two weeks I was back, with an idea for a solution.

Using the inspiration from the books, we covered his cheek with a bush. You can still see the original black line (green won't hide black ink). With the addition of the tree, bushes and bird I finally didn't hate the sight of him, all warped and droopy.

Perhaps the smallest tattoo cover up of all time!

Would I choose to have a Mr Men tattoo on my wrist today? No.

Now my arms are covered with other random tattoos I don't give it much thought though. I wouldn't cover him or remove him completely, he's part of the journey.