The shopping list mentality (internet dating)

I have pretty much been using the internet to find people to date for 15 years (eek!), which may well be hard to beat!

The only problem with internet dating is that it can start to feel a little like online shopping. The search for the ideal 'one' can feel a little like trying to find your new sofa. You want the right price, location, fabric, style, comfort etc.

However, dating isn't about ticking off your shopping list requirements. We don't get to design our ideal partners, or we may well find ourselves single forever!

Somehow we need to figure out what are the elements that we simply are unwilling to move on, and what actually, in real life, shouldn't be deal breakers.

When you're snuggling up with someone, what really matters may not be the things you think you want.

My advice, if you are new to internet dating, is to perhaps push yourself a little out of your comfort zone, if lots of important boxes (but not all of them) are being ticked. The worst case is really just a first date that you don't plan to repeat. Definitely don't date anyone and everyone, but perhaps just be a little more flexible in who you think you may want to date. Imagine you passed up your perfect mate just because they ........ (fill in the space with something appropriate).