The Serenity Prayer

(Print available via etsy)

I'm not a super emotional person, as in I don't tend to share each and every emotion to the outside world. If a sales assistant is rude to me, I get cross silently. If a friend disappoints me, I don't often speak out. In return I am ok with not knowing every single time I irratate someone; surely we can all just bump along and forgive small errors in judgement without drama?

I'm in no way perfect, gosh I very aware of my limitations, but I do try and remain a 'big picture' thinker. For me this means the following things:

1. In the long run, when we see the big picture, will this small bump matter? Will we even remember it? 

2. Will my actions, or thoughts/stresses change anything anyhow?

3. it really as big of deal as it feels? Have I survived worse already and bounced back?

These 3 thoughts allow me to shrug things off more, whereas before I may have wallowed a little longer in the drama of it. 

Recently I've been enjoying the Serenity Prayer (from a non-faith point of view) - To know the difference between what I can influence and change, and what I cannot. To gain a sense of happiness and peace from just allowing what I cannot change to happen, and to know that my sense of control is given back to me when I choose how to react.

It is surely freeing to understand that situations will happen, the outcomes may not go the way you'd hoped, but it's just ok. It's ok. You can respond it whatever way you choose. You may not be able to control how you feel about it, but your actions don't have to reflect your sadness. We cannot control the sadness but we can get up, slip a bright dress on and dazzle the world with your red lipstick.