The rollercoaster ride of my first spin class since Sept.


I'm rather embarrassed to admit it, but my blog this year has featured more than one post with the theme of returning to the gym. My gym days are now long behind me, and yet I still allow myself to believe that one day they may return. That's ok, and it isn't strictly untrue. They may. They also may not, but some fitness is better than none.

So after about 3 months, I returned to a spin class today. I almost left my house too late, so I was a little flustered, but got there in time to set up my bike and get ready. I was excited. Pleased to be back. Glimmers of hope on my horizon.

The warm-up started and I was flying. Moving our bodies can feel so good sometimes, and I was back. My legs were pumping and I felt great. 

Having booked the session the night before, I purposefully made sure I'd eaten a large breakfast, and I'd presumed eggs and beans were sufficient. However, during the warm-down track something weird happened. It wasn't that I felt faint exactly, but I felt odd, and then I realised by vision was going. Like black and white spots. I became very alert to my senses, to check whether I thought I'd fall off the bike. I was ok, and it was almost subsiding, and when it was time to get off the bike, instead of following the class' stretches, I sat on the floor. My vision was still a little blurry, and I still felt odd. 

I'm not really sure what happened, as I'd eaten. However I didn't have my usual coffee, so could a lack of caffiene have caused the odd reaction to exertion? 

Anyhoo, I recovered from my funny turn, and the instructor came over to thank me for my compliment. 

pure gym finsbury park

I tweeted the gym 2.5 months ago, and hadn't returned since, yet he remembered it, and thanked me. Which just reminded me how nice it is to compliment people who do a great job. I know that my staff really appreciate them, and I try to take the time to notice and comment. 

Anyhoo...maybe I'm back on my fitness wagon. Maybe not. Lets see.