The relief of getting my body moving again

This was me doing a little excited dance. I finally got back to the gym, which means I finally feel back to normal after having tonsilitis for what felt like ages. What made it worse, is that before being ill for 2 weeks, I'd not been at the gym very much in March either. So I'd been feeling my body wasn't feeling right, and been feeling all ugh after being so seditary.

The penicilin finally kicked in, and I was finally ready to get back to it. I was surprised how excited I was to get my body moving again.

I'm not a gym bunny by any stretch of the imagination, exercising only once or twice a week is my long time goal, but it makes such a difference to my life. 

Getting back to it felt great, even though it reminds me my body will take a short while to get back to it's normal strength. Lying here after, starting to feel my muscles ache back to life feels great too.

Exercise makes you feel good. Feeling good feels ace. Simples.