The reason Slimming World rarely works

My instagram recently seems to be full of lovely ladies who have joined (or rejoined) the world of slimming world (or weight watchers). I've certainly bought into the diet industry before,and I understand the desire for strict rules. Having someone tell you which foods are 'good' and 'bad' can lift the weight of responsibility off our own shoulders.

The diet industry makes billions off the fact that it doesn't work. Of course, it makes you lose weight, but you'll put it back on, and then restart the following January. It encourages a dependency on a system that makes them money, and keeps your weight fluctuating.

What highlights this fact the most for me, is the overwhelming addiction of Slimming Worlders to cereal bars and Muller Light yoghurts.

I regularly see breakfasts of two Slimming World Hi-Fi cereal bars (or Alpen bars etc) alongside a Muller Light. Sometimes they throw a banana alongside too. I know the appeal of these fake chocolate bar type snacks. They are encouraged as a 'treat' but used as a daily food choice by many. So all of these lovely ladies are on a diet of a chocolate/cereal bar for breakfast. This is the habit they develop. Yum, healthy (not).

The reliance of fat and calorie measurement of diet plans often means that foods that are much better for you, are higher in points values than these faux foods. For example Nakd bars are a higher 'Syn' value than an Alpen bar. Yet the Nakd bar is just raw fruit and nuts. Such a shame that people get the message that these faux foods will keep you smaller than eating natural foods.

Learning to eat a chocolate/cereal bar for breakfast isn't going to stand you in good stead I'm afraid. Learning to eat well and breaking your dependency on these types of food will break you free from the dieting rollercoaster (I promise).