The problem with having brightly coloured hair...

Bright and bold hair colours have definitely never been more mainstream than they are at the moment, and at the salon we're certainly no stranger to blue, pink, purple and green hair.

I certainly get asked a lot about the realistic expectations of bright fashion hair colours, and I actually try and put quite a few people off the idea! They require a lot of commitment, and sadly none of them are permament.

I wanted to share the above two photos of my hair, from last week. These pictures are taken 1-2 days apart, after a single wash. The messy picture is my hair if its just left to dry naturally, I think I went to bed with it damp after washing it.

The comparison highlights two crucial points about the expectations we have of our newly brightly coloured hair. These types of colours basically change every time you wash it. When I'm blue (like I am currently) I re-blue it every time I wash it to keep it even and solid in colour. Neither of these photos has a filter on it, and you can see how the pink has faded somewhat in the wash. You can also see the power of styling hair. It's an ongoing amusement to anyone in the hairdressing industry when clients show a photo of some gorgeously styled hair, asking for the cut, but stating they don't want to have to style it every day.

If you want fabulous looking hair, you will need to style it.

Brightly coloured rainbow hair is a lot of fun, but definitely a lot of work. It stains the bathtub, and runs on your clothes. If you get caught in the rain you may end up with a new shade of fake tan, and your pillows may need to be black (like mine!).