The Primani Effect

I am currently on the hunt for some new cropped jeans, and remembered that I used to have a pair from Primark. I popped in to have a look (couldn't find any) and stopped when I noticed a cheap version of my current handbag.  


Now, my bag (on the left) is far from designer. It is from Topshop, and cost £45, and is most probably a knock off from a brand higher up the fashion food chain. I am completely aware of the double standards in my response to seeing the £8 Primark version (on the right).

I am not against Primark on principle - I believe that all high street shops use basically the same factories (Primark just make less profit on each item, and the materical quality will be poorer). So my argument isn't an ethical one, as I think if you want ethical clothing, you shouldn't be buying from the high street (and perhaps not even from more exclusive designers).

I just have an irrational dislike of turning up somewhere and having the same bag or outfit as someone else. Despite my bag being a Topshop bag (and therefore produced in the thousands) I had never encountered anyone with it. Now it's in Primark I've no doubt I'll see the clones everywhere.

I happily use Primark for basics - plain tops, denim, tights etc, but no longer use Primark for more recognisable pieces. I'm just convinced I'll be at a bar and see five other girls wearing the same thing!