The power of the word 'YET'

Often we are put off from starting something by the sense that we won't quite be good enough. However, what we forget is that very few people start off brilliant at something. They all started, with the first few times feeling pretty sucky. I was recently asked to do a couple of interviews for some podcasts, and as an avid podcast listener I knew I had just embrace my fear of not being good enough at first. Not good enough yet.

The first few times will probably be just good enough, or sometimes even slightly missing the mark. But people don't remember these things. They're the first steps to getting great at something. I will never be brilliant at podcast interviews if I don't just leap in that saddle and just do some.

I need to accept that the first few won't be my best ever work, but that if I continue, I'll get better and better. 

It's a similar feeling to trying a new workout. The moves are too hard; too complicated, or your body isn't strong enough. Yet. That magical word that can motivate via hope. You're not strong enough YET. No one is great at the start, that's why it's called the start. 

Don't allow yourself to not even get off the starting blocks because you hate being bad at things. Remember no one else pays as much attention as we fear they might; they're all too busy being nervous of their own failings to notice yours too much.