The perils of internet dating

So, many of us have tried internet dating at some stage, it often seems like the only way we can find people to connect with. I have done it on and off for many years, and these are the lessons I have learned:

1) Internet dating takes effort and commitment. You need to have the time and energy to go on first dates. First dates take effort.

2) Don't email back and forth for too long. I'd even say a week max. If you email too much you tend to create the person you think they are, and you are often setting yourself up for a fall. You need to meet in the face to see if you fancy each other.

3) Don't get too drunk. Firstly you are meeting a stranger and need to be a little alert, and secondly drink makes most people grow more attractive.

4) Don't friend each other on facebook until you have at least met. If the first date doesn't go well you are then stuck with the facebook dilemma.

5) Have a lot of pictures on your profile, and be wary of those who do not.