The Pepsi taste challenge - lessons from fizzy drinks for Bing and Google

Over on facebook this morning I noticed that Bing (the search engine) have embraced a marketing strategy that had previously been used by Pepsi.

"For the second year, in blind tests, using the UK’s most popular web searches, more people picked Bing results than Google. Take the blind test and see for yourself."

Pepsi won the blind tests, but yet Coke remains our preferred brand. There are various arguments as to why this is, which are largely irrelevant for this post, but interesting none-the-less. It may be the ultimate proof of the power of advertising. We just want to drink Coke more than we want to drink Pepsi. There was also a theory that Pepsi was sweeter, and in blind 1-sip tests we have been shown to go for the sweeter option. However when we buy a whole can, we prefer a less sweet option. The blind test therefore doesn't represent how we choose out drink (we want to drink more than a single gulp).

The method didn't prove fruitful for Pepsi (although did to begin with I believe) so it will be interesting to watch whether people start to consider switching to Bing. Google are a brand we hold dear to our hearts, they do the job well, while managing to be 'cool'. We respect google. That's hard to beat.

Would it matter if we prefer the way that Bing finds our search results? Have our reliances on google (would we ever 'bing' for an answer rather than 'google' it?) become too engrained? Are any brands ever untouchable?