The London Tattoo Convention 2011: I got my knuckles tattooed (by accident)


Yesterday I was at the London Tattoo Convention, lending a hand with a Wonderful Woman's stall (and selling a few lippies!).


If you haven't been to a tattoo convention, its a mixture of things. There is of course shopping - jewellery, hair accessoriesm hats, clothing etc as well as trade shopping - machines, ink etc. But for some they only come because of the artists.


The rooms are full of tattoo artists, many of whom have travelled the world just to work the weekend at the convention. Most return year upon year, often tattooing the same people each time! Every tattoo style is represented, and the artists not only have a catch up but also learn and develop their own work by meeting others.

There is also drinking, bands, performers and people watching. Tattoo conventions are great for people watching. It can be easy to lump 'tattooed people' as one generic 'tribe', but conventions remind you that there is such a massive range of style within the tattooed community.


I ended up taking my wig off towards the end of the day, to get some little red hair extensions added to the front of my hair. Having never had hair extensions, I was curious! I'm surprised at how much you can feel the hair bonds when you touch your hair.....people with full heads of them must feel very icky to touch - no running your hands through your hair in a sexy manner!

Oh and this happened. By accident.