The Lady Magazine part 5 (1902 Corset Adverts)

I visited the archives for The Lady magazine and also recently learnt about the quaint history of The Lady magazine.

I started by looking at some of the issues from The Lady in 1886, and then looked at the wig adverts (for ladies) from 1902.

The Victorians needed corsets. Lots of them. Therefore The Lady was full of adverts for them. Here are a selection from 1902.















































Diagonal seamed corsets, cycling corsets, dip-front adjsuters, invigortaor corsets, and hose supports.

The ladies of this era had to suffer to fit the media version of perfect shape (much as we do with the current size zero pressures, along with fake boobs becoming 'normal') - the shape of the day was achieved with an S-shape corset, creating a flat front, or dip-front effect. I can't begin to imagine how uncomfortable they were.


Although the original designs of these adverts are not mine, the copyright of these photos are.