The Lady Magazine part 3 (1886)


I visited the magazine archives of The Lady magazine, and I am doing my best to post some of billions of pictures I took!


The Lady magazine had been going for one year, but hadn't been selling that many copies. They halved the price from 6 pence to three, and continued trying to improve the quality of the articles:










The fashion of the Victorian era is so strikingly different from what we wear now, and yet it is almost within living memory.






High Tea (1886)

''Men prefer dinner, because of the wine. Women like High Tea, because of the cosiness and absence of formality that distinguish the tea-table....''

''Another advantage of High Tea is that the whole meal is before them at once, and that it is usually composed of light dainties which better please feminine palates than the heavier dishes of the dinner-table.''

''To the housewife whose servants are limited in number, High Tea is a much less formidable meal to prepare than dinner...''

''To people of inconsiderable means it gives an opportunity of offering substantial hospitality at a moderate expense...''



The original copyright of these magazines was with The Lady, but the copyright of these photos remain with me.