The Lady Magazine - Could it be the younger lady?

A while ago I blogged about my involvement with The Lady Magazine (along with the history of the magazine which launched in 1885). I also started blogging some of the vintage adverts. It all went a little quiet on The Lady front, but I'm back!

Recently I wrote an article in Beautiful Magazine, which prompted an interesting debate about the rold of models and media in our sense of self esteem.

I don't feel that there is currently a magazine that talks to me - not one that targets my age group with my interests. I end up taking a little from different places. Could The Lady be on its way to providing an alternative? I am giving a mini review of some of the recent issues to see whether it could be on its way to being a solution.


This Downton Abbey issue is from September 16th. I don't mind the cover, and although I haven't watched Downton Abbey, I can appreciate it as being current. I would read about Mary Berry, and Sarah Jessica Parker. I have no clue who Debo is, but the Fred Astaire reference intrigues me. I am amazed that the British plum story is front page news, but oh well!

The Lady Loves page reminds me of that yummy page in The Stylist, a nice clear selection of fab products. I like the products chosen. Big thumbs up!

The Almanac gives a weekly round up of the news over a few pages, again, very readable.

There is an article called 'The Women Making Us All Beautiful' which is about London Fashion Week. I have NO CLUE why this wasn't a cover story? It talks about a campaign to make the fashion industry more representive of the ordinary woman......great story!

I also really like the fashion page - clothing that interests me, but would also interest Mother Rockette.

There are sections I have no interest in - horoscopes, 'Her Indoors', and the Gardening Section, but still plenty to read.


The next week's edition has Strictly Come Dancing on the front - another tv show reference, another show I have never watched! For some reason we have Debo on the cover again - and I still don't know who she is!! She must be important! They do have London Fashion Week on the cover this time, and a great story about women in the Cold War. 

They also feature an article about the first female head of MI5 - fab!


Christina Hendricks is on the cover of 30th September's issue - a great choice slightly ruined by the headline. I am a little bored of Christina only being as good as a dress size, is that really all that is interesting about her? What I find a little odd is that the people on the cover aren't actually interviewed in the magazine, which always surprises/disappoints me a little.

Downtown Abbey are on the cover again....which does feel a little repetitive, as well as a regular dose of Strictly Comes Dancing. However, I do understand these are popular at the moment.












Have you ever read The Lady? Would you consider it? Is it possible for it to reach a younger audience while not alienating their older readers?