The joy of make-up

I never leave the house without make-up. And yes, that even includes popping to the corner shop. My made-up face is pretty much the same whether it's a big night out or just a shopping trip.

1. Foundation

2. Liquid eyeliner

3. Mascara

4. Blusher/bronzer

5. Eyeshadow

6. Lipstick

I would say the bare minimum would be eyeliner and blusher.

So, does this mean I think I'm ugly without it...? Not exactly, but considering how great make-up makes me feel, why wouldn't I wear it always?

There is a saying that there are no ugly women, only lazy women.....which I hate to admit I sort of agree with, as much as I wish I didn't. However, there is the other argument that women who go without make-up are simply more brave and accepting of themselves.

One of the signs of depression is a lack of interest in how you appear (clothing, cleanliness and make-up)  and it does seem that some women simply are too shy, or don't feel good enough to wear make-up. Part of me admires women who wear very little or no make-up, and part of me feels sorry that they don't get to enjoy make-up in the way I do. I also pity men who pretty much have to live with the face they are born with, whereas women have the opportunity to alter and enhance theirs with make-up.

Ironically when I wear less make-up I sometimes get told I look younger, which although is a good thing, isn't enough for me to change my make-up routine. I have even been known to say that I would rather wear bad make-up than no make-up, because at least it would show effort! I'm a big believer in effort.

So, why do you wear make-up? Do you go without? Do you wake up earlier than your partner so they never seen you bare-faced? How much make-up do you wear?

Here is me, last night, in bed - make-up free and hairstyle-less. Who else is brave enough to post pictures of themselve bare-faced? Go on.....