The implant, the pill....3 months on.

I've been sharing my hormonal birth control journey for the past 7/8 months, so I figured I'd better share an update!

My last update was here "A month of being on the implant and the pill", and I just finished my 3rd month of having the implant and taking the pill. I got the implant, waited 5/6 months for the spotting/bleeding to go away, and when it didn't I returned to get the pill. I had imagined the pill would be a small booster pill, but it's the actual pill. This means I'm on a double dose of hormones.

I felt weepy in the first week, but it did settle. I do feel a little more emotional still, 3 months on, and the boyfriend agrees that he can notice it. However not bleeding was worth it. Long term, I wasn't really sure what I could hope for; I don't want to just rely on a pill, but the implant just doesn't seem enough on its own.

Yesterday I went back to a doctor, saying my 3 months were up. He explained that he'd expect the bleeding to not return, that often the implant just needs a little temporary boost, and then it stays away. he said that he usually prefers giving the contraceptive patch in these cases (instead of the pill) just for a week or two (he wasn't the doctor who prescribed my pill). I'm not sure why a patch is better, but I'd be curious to explore more. 

He was great, and explained that he didn't expect the bleeding to return, but he'd prescribe the pill for me to take, and I could use it if it did. I actually really respected how he valued my insistence that bleeding isn't acceptable. I always fear male doctors think we're being too demanding.

Today, my boobs ached, my womb cramped, and by the evening I was bleeding. Sigh.

Managing our contraceptive choices is so complicated, and we're so far away from better solutions. I'm convinced if men had to take a pill, these issues would have been dealt with by now. It's like we constantly have to juggle pros and cons, and frankly birth control needs more attention. Anyhoo, so it looks like I'm back to the implant and pill combo for now, gosh knows what those hormones are doing.....