The Implant 9 weeks on.

I've been sharing my contraceptive implant journey, to encourage us women (and men) to discuss the options we have more openly. Choosing to fill your body with hormones can be scary, and we're often just handed a leaflet and told to make our minds up. Or we're told horror stories of weight gain, acne and mood swings, and prefer to just try nothing, despite many women happily finding their hormonal contraceptive of choice.

My first blog post, Getting the Implant, was followed by my experience two weeks on.  I added my experience after 5 weeks, and now a month later, here I am 9 weeks on. 

I've been keeping careful track on my spotting, and I'd say I've had about 30 days of spotting, within about 65 days. The spotting is annoying, but not life changing. It tends to just need a single panty liner all day, there were a few days where I moved up to a mini tampon, but not many. I've accidently stained my sheets a few times, as the spotting is so small and random (so hard to predict and protect), which has been a tad annoying though.

I'm still hopeful that the spotting will stay away soon. People tend to advise me that the implant can take 3-6 months to really settle, and many people have told me that they too started with some spotting but then it all but disappeared long term. I'm not yet at the 3 month mark, so I'm still giving it the chance to prove its wonder. I'm currently on a run of 5 days of spotting free, so maybe I've reached the end #fingerscrossed .

I enjoy the ability to literally forget about baby-prevention. No condom worries, no pills to take on time. I'm still holding out to fall in love with my implant long term, if/when the spotting fades.....boom. I'll be smitten.