The History of Pink Flamingos

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The plastic garden flamingo was created in 1957 by a company called Union Products, who also created dogs, ducks and frogs.

They offered the perfect blend of tropical living (when holidays had started kicking off and souvenirs proving to your neighbours that you travelled) and middle class surburbia. Who couldn't afford a luscious large green lawn?

Sour Cherry £9.95Sadly the 60s meant that excess knick-knacks went a bit out of fashion, and the garish pink flamingo disappeared from view for a while. Luckily the 1970s saw a rise in 'bad taste' fashion, and they have remained a kitsch favourite every since.

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The first lawn flamingos were made of foam, but the design was changed to plastic as dogs kept chewing them!

The authentic Union Products flamingos have Don Featherstone's signature (he was a 21 year student in the 50s tasked with making the models 3D), have a yellow beak with a black tip and are only sold in pairs.