The drama of picking pants every morning

No matter how much I try and de-clutter and make my knicker drawer less bursting at the seams, I find I really need that many pants! My daily underwear choice goes something like this:

"I'll just dig my hand in there, take the first pair I find. Nope, not those ones, they match that other bra, and what if I want to wear a set later this week? These cotton ones are easy, oh actually I'm wearing a pencil skirt today and these are really visible under tight clothes. The silkier ones will be better, oh wait, I'm due on my period soon and I'd hate to ruin these pretty ones; that blood never comes out. So I need older less pretty ones, that won't cause a bump under my skirt. The purple ones! Of course. Nope, they sit too low and give me an odd muffin top."

I dream of a different drawer...having perhaps just one type of pant; that perfect pant. But I know its not possible. What about days when I need to wear a panty liner (need a wider knicker), or days where I need an invisible line through skirts, or days where I want to match my bra? Or days when I'm feeling a little chunkier and want a safe and comfy boy-pant? I think I'm destined to have the knicker drawer from hell.