The downlow on acrylic nails


I've had acrylic nails for a while now and I often get asked about them by people who have never tried them. As a comparison I've also had gel nails for a while too.

For me gel nails were good but they just seemed to be stop being strong enough for me.  The gel would end up chipping off. I've pretty heavy handed I think. Your nails also all need to be the same length as the gel goes on your actual nail. 

When I switched to acrylics I loved the fact I got tips which meant my nails were all the same length at all times. I also loved that they never chipped. Never. Bliss.

I'd had acrylics done the same way over and over, until a couple of weekends ago I had the acrylic used without tips. No one had ever suggested this before!  So I now have my actual nail with acrylic on top. 

You can see in the picture, on the left are acrylics that have grown out after 3 weeks, and on the right are the new ones, with no tips.

I adore getting acrylics as it means my hands always look finished. I feel like I'm put together, perhaps a little more glamorous than I feel inside.

Am I worried about any damage? Nope. There are no bonus points in heaven for having untouched nails. Bring it on (you can always just grow it all out and start again).