The Double R Club, Dickie Beau and Judy Garland

I have the regular pleasure of manning the door at The Double R Club every month, and last night I headed out to smile and stamp people's hands in my usual way.

Of course I was wearing my very own Rockalily Lipstick, and I had just come straight from the photo studio, planning the studio pictures to promote the launch.

I have seen a lot of burlesque and often work surrounded by burlesque, and sometimes can feel a little burlesqued-out. It can take a lot to catch my interest.

Last night I saw Dickie Beau for the first time, and when I realised he was doing a Judy Garland act, I had been a little disappointed - it  has been before. However, this act was awesome. It wasn't funny, but tragic - a true reflection of her life. The recording of Judy was unknown to me, and it made me feel so sad. Duchess Divine ran up to me after and said the exact same thing - we all felt so sad. How amazing that a burlesque act could cause such a strong emotional reaction.

Here is the act on Youtube, however, you may want to wait to see it in real life, as you can't appreciate the quality of his miming on video.


Now, who has a copy of a Judy Garland biography I can borrow?