The dipdye hasn't gone anywhere! - Low Maintainence Hair Colour

dipdye london salon

I can still remember when we started leaving a root when colouring, and the moment I first saw it, and laughed, thinking that the world had finally gone bananas. But years have passed, and a blended root is not going anywhere!

contrast root shoreditch

Why is it such a popular option? It allows people who want a lower maintenance colour option to still play with fun rainbow colours, without the commitment. You can leave much longer between hair appointments, and this suits some people.

rainbow dip dye london

What's the catch? Some people leave their root completely natural, and this is pretty awesome as there is  no-regrowth. It's just up to you when you want to refresh or fade the colour at the bottom. However, many people paint the contrast root in. This may be to cover greys, or just for a more pleasing aesthetic, as generally a much darker root looks 'better'. This means you'll still suffer from regrowth, but you may find it more livable if it is close to your natural shade.

blue demin dip dye

When painting in a dark root, you also need to consider the longer term plan. Many of us have no long term plan with our hair, which is fun and carefree, but remember that the dark root will grow down, and you may find it limiting as to what colour can go over it. Your hairdresser can definitely help advise you as to what would work best for you!

The dipdye isn't going anywhere for now, and it's still a very popular option at Rockalily Cuts, and we still love doing them! Do contact me if you have any queries about your own hair, always happy to help!