The day I learnt to cut a pineapple up neatly

Since I actually stuck to a New Year's Resolution in Jan 2013, I've been eating more fruit and vegetables than I probably ever have in the 30 years prior. As my taste buds have changed, I've tried to keep trying new foods, and today I finally revisted pineapples.

The challenging bit with a pineapple is actually how to actually eat it, or at least how to get to the fruit through the tough skin. Conveniently this pineapple came with a handy guide!

I pulled the leaves out, as the handy diagram didn't use the knife for that bit. Already much neater than my past attempts!

I was very pleased (and perhaps a tad pathetically proud) of my pineapple chunks. I dolloped some fat free Greek yoghurt in the middle, and grated half a chunk of dark chocolate over the top.