The dangers of a new hairdresser

I went to get a well needed hair cut yesterday. My usual hairdresser (Miss Betty) is just that extra bit of cash, and further away, and so I have used a local salon. A lady there cut my Marilyn style crop last time, and it was fine, so off I went. The lady wasn't free so I agreed to having a guy.

This was me before haircut (the hat has an important role later):

As I knew they wouldn't be able to style it right, I said he could basically style as he wanted, as I would just set it myself at home. He said he wanted to use a curling technique he didn't get to use often. i said fine. He said it would be a modern looking curl, but a curl. So I agreed.

He then put my hair into 'china-bumps', a hairstyle I used to go clubbing in during my teenage years!

This is how I walked out of the salon......

Good god.....awful on all counts, modern or retro. Thank flip I had the afore-mentioned hat! It was so bushy it doesn't even fit in the photgraph!

I struggled to get a photo this morning, but it has now been set more appropriately! The back is a touch short, but it will grow so quickly that doesn't bother me.

I am planning on dying it pink at home await the potential disaster blog to come.