The Color Run: London 2014

Last September I was invited to run The Color Run in Brighton, and despite being pleased at my pace (it was the first time I'd ever really run), all I could say about it at the time was that I never wanted to run again.

"Well I'm pleased to say, I ran it! I ran it all, without slowing, and kept pace with two runners. I didn't love it, and I don't want to do it again, but by gosh I felt ace being able to know I ran my 5k."

Since then (that was September) I've got fitter, and actually enjoyed the occasional run. I was also pretty poorly for the last Color Run, which I'm sure impacted my enjoyment too. I recently had a blast running The Electric Run and ran my very first 10k so I'm excited about today - I'm expecting to enjoy it this time around!

I was invited as part of the Living Social team again, so hopefully I'll have fun afterwards too meeting some new faces!