The Chap Olympiad 2013

Yesterday was The Chap Olympiad (see my outfit post here or my last five years of outfits here), this year I didn't take many pictures, so apologies in advance.

The Chap Olympiad is an annual event hosted by The Chap magazine, which aims to give adults the chance to compete in what is basically a school sports day with tweed. The games are definitely dangerous at times, and a few grazes and scrapes will always occur!

I helped with the event, getting people signed up to events, but once they were all full, the day was mine to enjoy.

You are allowed to bring picnics, and its a chance to lounge in the sunshine. Saying that the last three years have had rain, so I really appreciated the heat this time!

It was great to spot people who are Rockalily Cuts customers, and catch up with friends.

As ever, it's great people watching. Sadly there do seem to be more and more people who don't make any effort at all, imagine a stereotypical 'festival' outfit, and you wouldn't be far off some peoples outfits. I don't really understand why someone would come and not want to make some sort of effort.....but then I don't understand how people wear jeans to the theatre either!

Do you believe in dressing according to occasion? Or is that an outdated way of thinking now?

Sadly the glue on my shoes melted and they fell apart, so I have to make a quick run to Primark for some cheap replacements.