The Chap Olympiad 2013 - my fifth year in a row!

I first went to The Chap Olympiad back in 2009, five years ago! I didn't know anyone going, so using the Ministry of Burlesque forum (which I used a lot back then) I arranged to go with someone who wanted to celebrate her birthday (but her friends were being lame). I adored it. I bought these Vivien of Holloway trousers and a Vivien of Holloway shirt to wear for it, and I still wear both now!

In 2010 I decided to embrace my rockabilly look, with a tattoo print dress that I owned. I've only recently sold it on actually, I got a lot of wear from it! The weather was much better this year too!

In 2011 the weather was awful. Truly awful, and it definitely made it harder to enjoy it. I'm not even sure what 'look' I was going for here!

In 2012, last year I started as an official worker bee for the Olympiad, so here I am with Ellington helping people sign up for events. If you don't know what the Olympiad is, its like a sports day for adults (all of whom share a love for vintage clothing). Think cucumber sandwich discus, and moustache tug of war. It's amazing, and I'm pretty stunned at how times flies and I'm now five years on!

The weather was rubbish last year too, so it was wellington boots and drizzle all day.

I am working again this year, so if you come along today, do say hello to me and Ellington. I've gone for this outfit:

Have you ever been? It's one of the marked events for my calender each year!