The Chap Olympiad 2012

On Sunday, we closed Rockalily Cuts so that we could help out at The Chap Olympiad.  It's my fourth year of the Olympiad, and its an event I always look forward to. 

We were helping the chaps and ladies sign up for the events, which included things like 'cucumber discus throwing', 'umbrella jousting' and 'shouting at foreigners'. All very tongue and cheek of course! I think my favourite event each year is 'bounders' which is where men have to whisper to women, and see who can get the reddest cheek from being slapped.





Ellington was chief of security, and despite some showers, the weather was much better than last year!







We had the pleasure of Mr B, the Gentleman Rhymer to amuse us during the interval.

What I like about the Olympiad, is how mixed it is. You can observe a lady in Edwardian clothing and without blinking an eye sweep over a 20s flapper, a 50s sweetheart, along with me in a rather Landgirl-esque ensemble. I do feel a little disappointed at the few people who don't dress up, but luckily the majority do!


Fingers crossed that the Chap Olympiad 2013 enjoys some sunshine so we can all picnic on the grass again! Darned British summer time!