The Chap Olympiad 2010

Yesterday was the eagerly awaited Chap Olympiad, which I had been excited about after my first visit last year.

I decided that I would look a little different to the fabulous vintage norm, and went with a more rockabilly look as nothing I had felt good enough to compete with the gorgeous hardcore vintage wear you see displayed at this event. You can't see it in the photo, but I was quite pleased with my curl set for once, and I just had a large red rose behind my ear.

It can get a little weird having so many photographers around, and it irratated me that some of them had made zero effort with their clothing. It's fine if they just mill around, but many of them would get really in your face with MASSIVE lenses. If you are that close to someone it seems polite to ask, or at least apologise! I got quite a fright to keep turning around and finding a huge lense staring right at me! I hope that we get to see some of the professional pics, one lady in particular showed us some of hers and they were gorgeous!

The Olympiad is such a great opportunity for people watching. There is a real range of outfits, from Edwardian to modern day. I really appreciate people making an effort. It may be hair, a hat, the shoes, or the whole outfit, but it's nice when people put some thought into what they look like. On the way to the event I had a lovely old lady tell me how lovely and smart I looked. For someone quite heavily tattooed I was quite proud I had won her approval!


Our drink of choice was the Pink Dandy, a mix of rose wine, pink martini and lemonade. Went down so well I had two whole pitchers to myself.....and I feel ok today! Magic.

I watched a couple of the events, but actually was so busy chatting I wasn't that fussed. It was great to see people I'd met before and people I had never. I met people I knew online, which was lovely to be able to put a real life face to the name.


I had a fabulous time. Stumbled for a quick after drink at The Champion, and then wandered home with a smile on my face.