The cats

Over in Twitterland I tweet about some of my trials and tribulations of my two old lady cats. Last night I thought I'd snap a couple of pics to share their little faces. Yes, I may well end up a crazy cat lady.


This is Muffin. She is half persian, and has an adorable flat face. She is an old lady now, perhaps 16 years old. She purrs very loudly, and snores like a truck. She is no trouble at all. Oh, and she's a killing machine, in her time she has brough us mice, frogs, birds (including a pidgeon) as well as a squirrel. For such a small cat she's quite an impressive hunter.


Here is Biskit. She is a bit of a bruiser, and this photo summarises her grumpiness beautifully! She is a tad older than Muffin, so perhaps 17. She is more of a challenge, but I do heart her so. She has never killed anything more than a fly, and loves hunting pens. Biskit has quite stiff joints these days, and has got more needy as she ages. She basically follows me around, and sits as close as possible, even if it looks rather uncomfortable. If I let her, she sleeps next to my face. This is her this morning, sleeping on top of my face.


As you can see I'm far from amused.