The call of chocolate truffles

I'm house sitting so I'm in a different environment to my normal flat. It means that there is food and drink that I have access to, that I didn't buy. It has given me a really useful reminder of how crucial it is to be mindful.

There was half a box of Lindor chocolate truffles left in the cupboard. I haven't really had a chocolate for 14 months....perhaps one or two, but nothing really. I've now had about 8-10 truffles over the last 24 hours. 

Now a few chocolates won't harm me, and I feel fine. But I don't want to eat them, and it's disappointing how old habits still call hard. I don't want to eat them. I changed how I eat back in Jan 2013 and I've been loving it. I love how I eat now, and don't ever want to fuel my body with the crap I used to eat.

It proves how stong habits and addictions can be. The fats, sugars and truffley yumminess is hard to resist, but I want to. My choices are to prefer the lifestyle without truffles. I prefer that path.

But I'm not on (or off) a wagon, life has bumps, and it's no big deal. I won't use it as an excuse to just eat everything I crave today, I won't be starting again tomorrow. I'll just get back on track now.

A small wobble is not the same as falling off.