The Blitz Party - 22nd March



By order of The War Office, you are requested to make your way to The Blitz Party’s East End air raid shelter for rousing music, fortifying cocktails, and a good old dash of patriotic spirit. 

Join dashing soldiers returning from the front and feisty land girls swooning over nylons at The Blitz Party, an event that recreates the war time glamour of 1940s London.

Whether you’re a victory curled forties starlet or a moustachioed RAF hero, flirt over a delicious cocktail, swing dance under searchlights, and recapture an era that made history.

Careless Procrastination Costs Tickets!

While we appreciate the need to 'make do and mend', The Blitz Party operates a strict dress code. Denim may be acceptable in the munitions hall and trainers do squeak nicely in the gymnasium, but that is wear they should remain. 

Tickets are priced at £25
Purchase your tickets via
Or by calling 0207 724 1617 "

Its time for the Blitz Party again! We always book up for hair styling appointments as we're so local to the venue, so if you're feeling like treating yourself to some fabulous retro hair for the perfect vintage party, drop us a line!

We charge £39 for styling appointments, or add a do to a haircut for £15.