The Blitz Party - 1940s Glamour and Sandbags


Yesterday was a full on day. I was out all day, and was planning on heading straight to The Blitz Party. An event which notoriously sells out in advance, I had been excited to check it out. Then I had some free tickets offered to me, so I thought why the hey not?

I had heard that it was a little bit 'Fancy Dress' rather than properly 'Vintage' (with a capital V) but I'm definitely one for breaking conventions, so this is the outfit I pulled out of my wardrobe to take me from day to The Blitz.

My Vivien of Holloway trousers, with a H&M horse shoe print shirt underneath was topped off with my Juicy Couture jacket. What a mix of independent, high street and designer!

I wore some white frilly socks and some Clarks shoes (I really should get comission from Clarks!), and a Rockalily Bandana. I decided to improvise with my bag, and used the carry case from my vintage typewriter.


The venue is tucked away in Shoreditch, and I had been a little concerned about how 'authentic' it would feel. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere was just right, lots of brick and sandbags. Definitely felt like you'd travelled to another time/place.

The music was spot on too, I thought it all sounded and looked great! It made me wish I wasn't just popping in for a drink, but was staying for the whole night!

I look drunk here, but I promise I had just arrived! I had to get at least one cheesey shot me posing with the drinks menu!

I sadly didn't go around and take proper photos of everyone's clothing, but I did get a few candids just to represent the mood. Most of the men were in uniforms (yum!) or in braces (yum!). The majority of women wore a 40s style dress, with mary jane shoes. I only saw one other girl like me in trousers!

On the whole, I thought most people looked great! If I go again, I would love to rock a uniform. A thumbs up from me.

I did have a sweet girl come and say she loved my landgirl look, and that she had wanted to come as a landgirl but couldn't find anything to wear. She seemed a little surprised when I said this is just the normal clothes I wear every day anyhow! She looked great though.