The Addidi Awards - Feeling a tad out of place!

Tonight I had the please of going to the Addidi Awards for Inspirational Women. I blogged about the nominees here.

The awards came out of a desire to recognise female entrepreneurs from history, as well as inspiring entrepreneurs today. This evenings awards had four awesome women put forward for recognition (see the link above to my prior blog for details of the four women).

The event was interesting for me on another level; I was pretty overwhelmed by the standard of women in the room, and for a short while felt very out of place. The first lovely woman who spoke to me invited me to lunch at Parliament! Eek!

The winner on the night was Josephine Butler (who I voted for too!) but the overall winner from votes online was Dame Elizabeth Cadbury. It was amazing to hear the stories of women from 150/100 years ago and how successful, outspoken and successful they were. The sad part was that the issues they were fighting back then, are still needing to be fought for today.